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Success Stories πŸ†

We want to highlight success stories to remind ourselves that we do good work, and we should promote that. If you have something in mind, consider writing a success story. It's even an activity to reach the brown/black belt!


Please use the below template and send it to the AppSec team on Slack or e-mail at appsec[at]

Here is a template to get you started

This is just a guidance, you do you when telling this story. Feel free to include pictures to illustrate, and provide sources where applicable.

  • The Champion(s):
    The champion(s) corresponds to the protagonist(s) of the project. This is normally you and your team

  • Pain points:
    The pain points of the initial situation are the reasons why the champion(s) has started the quest.

  • The Quest:
    The quest corresponds to the activities undertaken to improve or remediate the initial situation. During the quest, the champion(s) will come across a number of challenges or adventures that he/she will need to overcome.

  • Happy End:
    At the end, the champion(s) has managed to create a new stable environment that is better than the initial situation.


Try to add technical and quantifiable information to the story to better showcase the value.


Please keep in mind that the site is accessible publicly to everyone across the internet, therefore avoid sharing information that is sensitive or should not be available to the public.