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Security Champion

Info about Security Champion

Ideally, each development team should have one or more team-members who takes on the role of Security Champion. When an area are supported by many small teams (1-2 persons) this area should be represented by one or more security champions.

A Security Champion is a team-member who amplifies the security message at the team level.

In practice, this means to act as the "security conscience" of the team. You do not need to be a security expert to become a Security Champion, an interest for security is more than enough.


Please note that security is a team responsibility, and the Security Champion is not more accountable for security than any other team member

Tasks could involve:

  • Staying up-to-date with best practices and security related news
  • Attend security related conferences/training/workshops
  • Raising awareness of security issues within the development team
  • Being part of the Security Champion community
  • Facilitate threat modelling
  • Conduct and/or verify automated scans
  • Be the point of contact for security related stuff
  • Drive internal bug-bounty

As a Security Champion you would be a target audience for a lot of the work done by the Equinor AppSec team. The AppSec team will be providing workshops, training, resources and support where needed.

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