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Getting started

Snyk is available to all teams who code in Equinor.

  • First, apply for Snyk in AccessIT
  • Make sure to log on to snyk sso and use your Equinor email address.
  • Then EITHER
    • Create your Snyk organization using Snyk-org-maker for your team if it does not already have one.
      • NOTE: If you recently gained access, it may take up to 2 hours for system synchronization.
    • Ask your org-admin to add you to your teams organization

After your first time sign in, you will be able to list organizations available at the Equinor Group overview (top level). If you see a relevant org to join, request one of the listed org admins to add you to the org.

Crash Course: Common Snyk Situations

We have built a short curriculum, to help you learn the basics of Snyk. Take a look here.

The curriculum is tailored to using Snyk in Equinor.


Concerns about which data snyk collects are addressed on Snyk's privacy policy page