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Getting Snyk Support

This short guideline give some advice on how and where to get Snyk support. The AppSec team will provide help, but most of the Snyk support in Equinor should be community driven. We have a direct connection to Snyk's Customer Success staff which also will help out (the Slack channel #snyk-equinor-bridge)

Consult the documentation part. If you cannot find your solution, considering raising a Snyk Support Ticket.

Documentation and relevant community resources

Raising a Support Ticket With Snyk

We encourage raising Support tickets with Snyk. To enable some follow-up and transparency into the Equinor Community on questions/challenges, please use the following procedure:

  • Create a Support ticket at Snyk Support
  • Use your Equinor email
  • Add additional followers from the Equinor AppSec Team
  • After registering, please share the following ticker information in the #snyk-equinor-bridge Slack channel
    • Subject
    • Id

External resources