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About the network

The security champion network is intended to be a community for security champions in Equinor. Software development over the last years has rapidly evolved from big development teams consisting of dozens of developers to smaller autonomous teams where we are today. With greater responsibility of the whole lifecycle of applications, modern DevOps teams are also expected to handle security.

This network rises from the realization that this shift-left thinking when it comes to security requires competence building within the developer teams. As the network grows we strive for it to become a powerhouse in Equinor when it comes to application security. It will be a place where teams can exchange experiences - both good and bad, and hopefully learn from each others.

Desired outcome

Create a lively community for people working with Application Security in Equinor.


Please check our event site for info about upcoming Security Champion network events.

The main communication channel for the community is Slack. This is where people can post questions exchange experiences when it comes to different tools and technologies etc.

We have a weekly SecChampion morning coffee on wednesdays. You will find instructions on how to attend on the event site.

We plan to have a montly virtual event for the network with some presentations and deep dive into topics. Please reach out if you have something you are interested in sharing!

Of course we cannot build a community solely on virtual meetings, we need to see each other phsyically too! When we get the network up and running, we intend to have 1-2 physical gatherings for all Champions per year 🀝 πŸ•.


Everyone in the community is responsible for keeping these info sites up to date. They are all based on markdown, don't hesitate to make a PR with fixes, or some new guidelines!

Role of the AppSec team

The AppSec team will be spending some time getting the Security Champion up and running, but our goal is that it over time will be come self sustaining with motivated and engaged members. Would you like to take on some extra responsibilities when it comes to organizing events and keeping there pages up to date? Please reach out to us on Slack or email at appsec[at]